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The next generation in Adaptive Intelligence for robotics and industrial control.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform control

Robots and machines operating in the real world are exposed to constant change. The external environment is often unpredictable, requiring dynamic decision making. Current systems are being held back by their lack of autonomy.

Nature has taught us the way. To us, AI means Adaptable Intelligence. Just as nature evolves and adapts, we believe robotic control systems should be always learning and adapting to what’s happening around them.

Momentum is growing for a 4th Industrial Revolution centred on increasing automation. We’re committed to bringing true autonomy for the real world through our groundbreaking adaptive intelligence technology.


The power of Adaptive Intelligence

Luffy brings a radically new approach to control. Our adaptive neural networks are able to expand the operating envelope of your equipment. Adaptive Intelligence allows your system to be more resilient and robust when deployed in the field, and enables new modes of operation.

Our adaptive neural controllers can be a drop in replacement for your existing classic PID controllers or Deep Learning architecture. Our networks can be trained on a digital twin with a training curriculum that provides a degree of explainable AI, a key issue for the adoption of AI technologies. Modular architecture provides scalability and rapid deployment.


What makes Luffy AI different?

Conventional AI Classic Control (PID)
Suitable for control applications
Scalable to big control problems Limited -
Suitable for computing at the edge -
Networks can transfer from simulation to reality - n/a
Explainable training curriculum - n/a
Continuous adaptation - -

Meet the leadership team

Dr Matthew Carr

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Alex Meakins

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Massara


Dr Charles Haythornthwaite

Investment Director

Prof. Rob Buckingham FReng OBE

Non-executive Director

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin


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